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Superhero Sidekick - Eyelash Glue Aid

Meet the Robin to your Batman- GladGirl® Superhero Sidekick Eyelash Glue Aid! This lash bonder will be your new favorite step in your eyelash application process.Our multi-talented formula will save the day by helping increase retention, prevent your fans from closing, and help cure your glue at superhuman speeds. The formula is unique, depending on when you apply it during your appointment, the superpowers will differ.

Clear with a fresh peach scent, our eyelash glue aid is long-lasting, easy to use and enhances the application experience for both you and your clients. Don’t miss out on having a trusty sidekick to help take your lash sets to a whole new level. See below How to Use our lash bonder.

Don’t miss out on all the powers this Glue Aid has to offer! If you’re looking to increase your lash retention, apply this super formula to the natural lash after you cleanse and prime. Are you looking to keep those voluminous fans open for weeks to come? If so, run a microfiber brush dipped in Superhero Sidekick along the lash extensions before removing them from the strip. Lastly, if you want superhuman drying speeds, apply this peach scented eyelash extension bonder to a microfiber brush and swipe across the lash line as your final step in your appointment. Don’t let the villain ruin your perfect lash day, with GladGirl® Superhero Sidekick.

UPC: 644625299489

How To Use: Superhero Sidekick - Eyelash Glue Aid 

  • To Increase Adhesive Curing: Following the entire eyelash extension application, apply a small amount of the Sidekick with a micro brush onto the joint of the eyelash extension and natural lash.
  • To Increase Retention: Because of its high alkalinity, the Sidekick helps open hair cuticles allowing the glue to adhere to both the natural lash and extension thereby increasing retention. To achieve this, following cleansing and priming, apply a small amount with a micro brush onto the natural lashes.
  • To Prevent Handmade Fans from Closing: To prevent adhesive from traveling up the lash extension, prior to removing the fans from the strip, use a micro brush and apply a small amount of Sidekick to the base of the extension.