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Prime and Wink

Prep those lashes like never before with Glad Lash® Prime and Wink! This is your last step in your perfect prepping process and is intended to be applied after your lash cleanse with a gentle solution like Wash and Wink™. This prepping mastermind is designed to remove any excess oils or build up that can negatively affect your lash retention. This eyelash extension primer also assists with faster bonding, helping you reduce your lash set times! This primer differs from other primers as this can be sprayed onto a pad or brush and then applied to the lashes, rather than having to dip a microfiber brush into the primer bottle. This can be a game changer if you or your clients are ultra mindful of sanitation!

Prime and Wink is safe to use with both natural and extended lashes, making it your go to with both full and infill appointments. Don’t cut corners, and get those perfectly prepped lashes every time, with Glad Lash® Prime and Wink. See How to Use.

Say goodbye to the nightmare of poor lash retention with GladGirl® Prime and Wink. This primer will be your go to when ensuring your clients lashes are free of any harmful dirt oil or buildup that can create a barrier between the adhesive and extensions, negatively impacting retention rates. Not only will your clients thank you for the killer retention rates, but they’ll leave your appointment feeling like they just left the lash nap of the century with the calming and peaceful aromatherapy this primer offers! Give your clients the lashes of their dreams, with GladGirl® Prime and Wink.


How to Use: 

  1. Start by cleaning the lashes using a cleansing solution like Wash and Wink
  2. Ensure client’s eyes are closed when applying primer, do not apply directly on the eyes.
  3. Hold a flat, lint-free cotton pad under lashes to catch excess primer.
  4. Spray primer onto a micro brush and apply on top and bottom of lashes, making sure to evenly disperse product.

Pro Tip: 

Dry time is approximately 3-5 seconds. Dry thoroughly with a fan, while brushing through lashes with a spoolie to ensure every lash is coated with primer before applying eyelash extensions).