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Disposable Lip Brush - 25 per Quantity

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Soft nylon bristles allow for smooth and even application during every appointment with GladGirl® Disposable Lip Brush. Easily apply any product needed for eyelash extension application and removal as well as any lip products for the Professional MUA. Disposable and sanitary these multi-purpose brushes are any top Lash Tech and Make-up Artist choice.

These disposable multi-purpose brushes are designed for the professional who demands the best in quality, sanitation, and performance.

How To Use:Disposable Lip Brush

  1. Always ensure to grab a new brush for each and every client.
  2.  To avoid cross contamination, only place product on the brush once, and grab a new brush every time you’d like to reapply product.
  3. When finished with your lip or eyelash product application, toss and sanitize your hands.

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