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Premium Pink Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Air Blower

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Achieve faster adhesive curing in the palm of your hand, with GladGirl® Premium Pink Air Blower! Crafted in a delicate soft pink color, this Premium Air Blower features a full-size bulb, perfect for curing lash extension adhesive in a snap. Just a few puffs from the blower not only helps the adhesive dry more quickly, but also clears any fumes from your client’s eye area. This is great to throw in your toolkit if you’re a traveling lash artist, as its compact size will not take up unneeded space. This is also a great option if you work in a space with multiple other artists, as the noise-less bulb will not disturb anyone around you.

When not in use, this Air Blower is ultra cute on your lash station, as the pink color makes the perfect practical decor! Give your clients the comfort that will keep them coming back for more with this cute and practical Air Blower. Also available in blue. See below for how to use this product.

Following the application process, use the blower several times on each eye and of course, always make sure that the glue is completely dry before allowing your clients open their eyes. Complete your process with ease and flare from the palm of your hands with GladGirl® Pink Premium Air Blower.


How to use: Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Air Blower

  1. Grab this pink hand held Air Blower either during your set, to help prevent lashes from sticking together, or after your set to help remove irritating fumes and further speed up adhesive curing.
  2. Always ensure to sanitize after each appointment.

Pro Tip

Always make sure that the glue is completely dry before letting your clients open their eyes.