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GladGirl® Hygrometer & Thermometer

GladGirl® Hygrometer & Thermometer helps your retention rates speak for themselves! Make sure your room has the perfect humidity level for lashing, no matter where in the world you may be! Single strand eyelash extension adhesive needs proper moisture levels to help it cure (dry) quickly and effectively. If your humidity levels are too high or low, this can affect drying time and therefore affect your lash extension retention rates. The GladGirl® Hygrometer will let you know, with a smile :) when your room has reached that optimal level of humidity 40%-69% and a comfortable 64-77°F (18-25°C) temperature.

Pair this hygrometer with GladGirl® Cool Mist Humidifier for that perfect humidity oasis every time. See below for how to use and pro tip.

How to use: Glad Lash® Hygrometer & Thermometer

  1. To use GladGirl® Hygrometer & Thermometer you’ll need to install (1) AAA battery.
  2. After placing the battery the screen will light up, from here you can choose the display to be read in Celsius or Fahrenheit by simply pressing the corresponding button on the display.
  3. To ensure proper readings, be sure to place hygrometer away from direct air or heat streams as well as mist streams from any humidifiers.

Pro Tip 

Each adhesive has unique humidity and temperature requirements. Always ensure that you read and understand the specific requirements for your adhesive and adjust accordingly!


Key Features:

  • LCD display, easy to read
  • Displays temperature and humidity
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit interchangeable
  • Temperature range: -10'C ~ +50'C (+14'F ~ +122'F)
  • Temperature accuracy: ±1 Celsius
  • Humidity range: 10%RH-99%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: 5%
  • Maximum and minimum temperature/humidity memory function
  • With back support to stand it on a table
  • Size: 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Batteries not included (needs 1 AAA)