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Air Conditioning Fan

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Offering a patented technology, Glad Lash® Air Conditioning Fan is ideal for drying extension adhesives in a snap. Compact and easy to carry, this fan is the cool way to minimize dry time and maximize the client experience. This fan is a great choice if you’re running a bit behind schedule, as it’s faster than using an Air Blower, but just as gentle on the eyes. This fan is unique as you can add a drop of relaxing essential oils, like lavender, to help soothe and calm your clients at the end of your set.

Bladeless, light-weight, and rechargeable, this fan will be your new favorite go to at the end of each appointment. Send your clients home feeling more relaxed than ever before, with Glad Lash® Air Conditioning Fan.

How to Use: Air Conditioning Fan 

  1. Following application, angle the fan blower over the eyelid for 30 seconds to ensure adhesive is dry.
  2. Continue use while removing the under eye patches.
  3. With eyes closed for client comfort, continue use for another 3 to 5 minutes until adhesive is completely dry.

Charging: The indicator light will switch from blue to red when charging is complete.

To Refrigeration Sponge: 

  1. Slide the cover back and remove the filtered water soaked sponge. Gently lay the sponge flat. Once the sponge is flattened, place back in the fan and slide the cover to close. 
  2. For optimum results, refrigerate the sponge while it is soaking in purified water. 

Pro Tip 

To help create a soothing, spa-like experience, add a few drops of essential oils to the sponge.


Limited Warranty: 

If for any reason your Air Conditioning Fan stops working 30 days from the date of delivery we will replace it. This limited warranty does not cover rechargeable battery, or any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, or an act of God, including the use of tap water or any other water other than the recommended distilled water used in this device.